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Monday, March 19, 2012

New iPad [iPad 3] A5X vs Chip vs. Tegra 3 Chip

New iPad [iPad 3] A5X vs Chip vs. Tegra 3 Chip. Source : blog.laptopmag Apple's said Apple's new A5X SoC had four times the graphics performance of the Tegra 3, it had the folks at NVIDIA pretty annoyed, calling for a comparison of their own against Cupertino's new System-on-chip.

The folks at Laptop Mag have managed to do just that though, comparing Apple's new iPad with the Asus Transformer Prime using benchmarking software that's available on both platforms. The results were interesting to say the least, and not as one-sided as Apple would have wanted. Sure the iPad offered better 3D graphics performance and all, but turns out that NVIDIA's Tegra 3 is better at crunching those numbers. The A5X did better in Open GL 3D performance on GLBenchmarck 2.1, and rendered about twice as many frames a second as the Tegra 3, and about 4 times the texture pixels.

It also did better in terms of memory bandwidth, and the speed with which data can be written to or read from memory. But at integer and floating point performance, and memory performances (memory hardware, motherboard and chipset), the Tegra 3 did better.

In terms of gaming performance, comparing two graphically intense games RipTide and ShadowGun, the iPad's Retina Dsiplay made the games look more sharper and colorful but some effects like splashes in Riptide, and moving flag effects in Shadowgun were only present on the Tegra 3 version.

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