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Monday, March 5, 2012

Instruction to unlock 4s VERIZON and Sprint using R-SIM

Instruction to unlock 4s VERIZON and Sprint , using R-SIM. 
What you need to unlock iPhone 4S Verizon 
- iPhone 4S 
- R-Sim or Rebel Sim 
- iFunbox for file browser 

Step 1: 
- Connect your 4S with iFunbox 
- Go to /var/wireless/Library then delete file carrier_310VZW_20404_11.2.plist 
- Go to /System/Library/Carrier Bundle/iPhone delete folder Zeppelin_US.bundle and delete your sim card carrier bundle ( my Sim card is Vinaphone so I have to delete folder VinaPhone_vn.bundle ) 

Step 2: 
- JB your 4S, in cydia add source 
- Install SAM 
- Put your sim card ( without R-Sim or Rebel Sim) 
- When the phone recognize your Sim card then go to Settings/SAM 
- Enable: ON (Auto method) 
- Hacktivate: On 
- Your phone will be Hacktivated 

Step 3: 
- Take your sim out from iPhone and put back together with R-Sim 
- Waiting for searching network the go to Settings/Phone/Sim Applications 
- Choose edit mode, a dialog box appear then type 20404 
- Restart your phone 

Step 4: 
- Put your sim card ( with R-Sim) into 4S 
- Let's the 4S detect Sim 
- Go to Setting/General/About and check, carrier will be Not Available 
- Go to Setting/SAM then OFF and ON Hacktivate fast 
- Go to About again and carrier will be vf nl 11.0 

Step 5: 
- Go to Phone/Sim Application/Enter 112 mode 
- Waiting until Accept dialog box 
- Network will be searching until network has wave or No service 
- Call 112 and do as the R-Sim do 
- After end call iPhone will searching network again and network is ok 
- Then go to SAM do OFF and ON very fast 
- Your phone now call be used for calling.

Thank you for a good product. Tested and worked excellent. 
This method is from HAIAUNE, a member of TINHTE.VN, please share and enjoy, ;)

Post from my iPad 2

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