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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

i0n1c promise to Come with iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak

Stefan Esser, better known as i0n1c in the jailbreak community, may surprise us again, as he did few months ago with the release of iOS 4.3.1 untethered jailbreak exploit. Stefan "i0n1c" Esser now has an untethered solution for iOS 5.1. The news of iOS 5.1 untethered jailbreak has been confirmed by developer @Veeence from a tweet and @pod2g.

Good to know @i0n1c has exploits in his pipeline for a possible iOS 5.1 untether.

Following the release of untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 by pod2g, Stefan immediately tweeted to confirm that all his exploit and vulnerabilities are still alive, which means he might use them to untether 5.1 jailbreak.

Okay I am perfectly fine with the release of the iOS 5.0.1 untether :P All my bugs survived :P

@i0n1c good to know, so we're not blocked with 5.1 ?

According to pod2g, i0n1c untethered userland exploit is still live in LC_SEGMENT64. The latest blog post by pod2g suggests that i0n1c has discovered a new way to authenticate the binary using loader and we might see it in action in the 5.1 jailbreak.

@i0n1c yeah that one is really obscure and fun :p

.@pod2g I hope it has nothing todo with LC_SEGMENT64 :P

i0n1c has not divulged more on 5.1 untethered exploit, but I can only expect that this release will be made public when the time is appropriate, such as new iOS 5.1 update (if they don't break the exploit, of course).

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