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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ultrasn0w iOS fixer for 4.3.1 is Now Available in Cydia [DOWNLOAD TO UNLOCK iOS 4.3.1]

As announced a few days ago by MuscleNerd the night has been released a new version of Ultrasn0w, or rather a fix, and developed by msft.guy iH8sn0w, which now allows the program to run without problems even on iOS 4.3.1, making thus possible that the baseband unlock of the old users have an iPhone have been able to maintain foreign using special programs.

To download and run on Ultrasn0w iOS 4.3.1 requires a jailbroken iPhone, of course, the procedure should be performed only by those who bought a phone SIM-locked. Then you just open Cydia, add the repo Pushfix in the Sources section in Cydia ( ) and find the package Ultrasn0w iOS fixer for 4.3.1 .At this point you should install the file on your iPhone and reboot.

You will have performed the baseband unlock of the old (already supported by the previous version of Ultrasn0w) on your iPhone updated to foreign iOS 4.3.1.


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