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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Steve Jobs: No New iPhone 5, Ever. [HUMOR]

With speculation rife surrounding the launch of iPhone 5, and whether or not we’ll see the device introduced at this year’s WWDC, the guys over at Satiritron have this week posted a transcript of an e-mail conversation between Mary Jenkowicz, a 32-year old florist come Apple enthusiast, based in Vancouver, BC, and Apple CEO,Steve Jobs.
In her e-mail to Jobs, she quotes how the media had currently picked up on there reportedly being no iPhone announcement (or launch) this year, and wanted some clarification on the matter.
The e-mail read as follows:

She added:
“I know he’s so busy, so I didn’t expect him to reply, even though I hoped he would. But a couple days after I sent him the e-mail, he replied! It was, like, the greatest day ever for me.”
Unfortunately for Mary, the response was both short and sweet:

Shocked at this initial response Mary tried her luck again at contacting Mr. Jobs to ask why such a decision had been made.
Jobs replied again … within minutes.
[via Satiritron


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