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Friday, April 1, 2011


1st April 1976 - 1st April 2011:  Apple turns 35 years today!!

Many of you certainly do not even remember, for obvious reasons, but Apple, the first of the great success of iPod and iPhone, has experienced another golden moment that, in some ways, was even more important than recently. Without the initial boom Apple would not have survived until today.

Steve Wozniak was a young programmer with a capital P, that the heart had a strong desire to build computers, Steve Jobs, however, was a young man with a great gift: to see the future before anyone else. The meeting between the two was Steve as the touch of two magical sparks which ignite at the same time ... .. the perfect union of two rivers in a .... The fleeting moment that happens once in a lifetime. Wozniak wanted to build computers, Jobs wanted to sell them to people. Sounds easy enough, but the way things went was a real company.

"The only way to do great things is to love what we do," said Steve Jobs once ... and that is true. For him, fate put "fresh in" a great return to Apple and maybe, without the 10 years of "exile," Today, Apple would not be where it is. But at what price?

Working night and day, stretch your mind to be as forward looking as possible, accumulate stress and fatigue, are perhaps at the root of many health problems that afflict many years and the fate of Steve Jobs, once again, seems to retreat like a wave ...

Apple gave us the wonderful world of Mac and it took more than 30 years for ordinary people to notice how beautiful it is to use one. With newer products such as iPod, iPhone and iPad, Apple has achieved a popularity and health which could be considered, not surprisingly, the company more productive and with the highest turnover in the world. 35 years through thick and thin, 35 years between dreams and reality ... ... 35 years of great story!

The future will change many things and yet Apple will still be among the protagonists of the technology that will be with us, always with the same distinctive style, the same attention to detail and the incredible aesthetic beauty of its products .... ... Throughout our lives.

"We had a dream ... and this dream is not over yet ...." (Steve Jobs)


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