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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Free ‘Angry Birds Sync’ This Summer.

How many of you fans of Angry Birds players hate having to repeat levels just passed on the iPhone when it starts to play on another device? This summer will be solved this annoying problem with Sync Angry Birds!

Responding to a question put by a user via Twitter, the team Rovio has unofficially announced to all his followers to be at work on a system that will allow you to keep synchronized their progress to the famous game, on multiple devices.

It will almost certainly run a method through a system of account based on authentication, and finally allow to continue such iPad started playing on the iPhone (or vice versa).

According to 9to5 Mac writes Angry Birds Sync should be available later this summer, but we're not yet know whether this method will be implemented in a version for Mac and if it will work with other platforms, but just know some more news we will update .


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