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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dual-Boot Custom PS3 Firmware.

PS3 hacking is a big deal these days. Everyone at it. Well, maybe not everyone but it seems to be growing in popularity with each passing day and Sony has helped it grow by removing the Linux install option from its PS3 software. Now hackers are working on giving users the option of choosing what OS they wish to boot into when they switch their PS3s on – dual-booting to coin an old PC phrase.

So what’s the deal? New PS3 hacking king Kmeaw says he may look into building a dual-boot feature – so long as there’s demand for it.
I was thinking of a CFW that has bootOS integrated so it gets executed when you power on your PS3 (and switches back to GameOS on user’s request via menu or ssh). It’s not hard to make it.
But recently I read graf’s announcement that he is going to accomplish the same task. So I don’t know, if such CFW from me would get any demand.
Also I got bootos-installer and lv2patcher patches from an anonymous hacker who have added 3.15/3.41 support. I’m going to merge them into my code and release the next version.
If you have any ideas about what would you like to have, please tell me.

Kmeaw’s claim to fame is his release of a custom PS3 3.55 firmware which comes complete with all the jailbreak patches a budding hacker’s heart could desire. If you were doubting the guy’s ability to pull something like this off, don’t.
Hopefully Kmeaw’s past release of all singing all dancing firmwares bodes well for a user-friendly dual-boot feature at some point in the future.

(Source: PSX-Scene)


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