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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Buy Withholding iPad 2 Stock.

Readers of various tech blogs claiming to be Best Buy employees seem to have started rumors regarding the retailer withholding stock of Apple’s recently released iPad 2. 

The rumors seem to originate from a CrunchGear article that claims a reader who works at Best Buy confirmed the retailer was declining to sell the device and telling customers it was sold out. At this point it is unclear exactly why Best Buy employees are being told to withhold stock. One employee told 9to5mac that a Best Buy supervisor had received an internal email informing him to hold any available iPad 2’s. 
Some reports are claiming Apple has ordered Best Buy to temporarily hold iPad 2 inventory for an upcoming promotion, while others think it is a move by Best Buy to protest Apple’s price protection policies for remaining first-gen iPad stock. Apple only provides price protection on first-gen iPad stock delivered within 28 days before the launch of the iPad 2. 
While neither company has commented on the situation, the original tipster claims to have received the following message from Apple executive Tim Cook:
“My understanding is most of their stores sold all of their initial supply on the first night of the launch and the balance were out by the following day. I am not aware of any units being held.”
For now this is all speculation, but both Apple and Best Buy will more than likely be commenting on the situation shortly.


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