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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Apple Launch iAd Gallery.

Today makes its appearance on the App Store a new application developed by Apple called iAd Gallery : as is clear from the description of the application itself, iAd Gallery is designed to "celebrate" the advertising and, specifically, the advertising system Apple designed mobile precisely known by the name of iAd .

Within iAd Gallery you can find some of the most important campaigns ever seen iAd within applications that are used daily on the iPhone (at least in the U.S.).Thanks to the built-in search, you can find advertisements iAd you have not yet viewed or, if necessary, revise the one you hit. Finally, you can save in categoryLoved ones that have impressed us most.

The application will be regularly updated to include the latest iAd. Please note that, at least for now, iAd Gallery is only available in the App Store USA, also by virtue of the fact that this advertising system in America is much more popular than the Old Continent.

iAd Gallery is available for free on the App Store .


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