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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Without Changing Host File: iTunes 10.2 Can Get SHSH from Saurik or TinyUmbrella Server

Apparently Apple just made some changes to iTunes in which @musclenerd described in his Twitter as “personalized-installation-server-host and -port Settings in preferences.”
“iTunes 10.2 finally honors personalized-installation-server-host and -port settings in preferences. But I wonder why now?”

In other words that means you can now get your SHSH blobs from Saurik or TinyUmbrella server without having to change your host file.
To those who are new to jailbreaking, changing the host file will “trick” iTunes to check  Saurik or TinyUmbrella server (instead of Apple server) for saved SHSH blobs so that you are “allowed” to downgrade your firmware. If you don’t change the host file, you will get an error message when you’re trying to downgrade to an earlier firmware.
Of course, no one knows why Apple made this change. Maybe Apple has a new trick up their Sleeve?
Downloads iTunes 10.2 for Windows or Mac.


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