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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wharr: The Colossus Age v1.2 [Download for free]

Wharr: The Colossus Age v1.2

iPad 2 did give us some fun, but we still got iPhone on our hands, what can we do, just wait iPad 2 of course not, here is an awesome iOS game can blow your mind, so just play it all....

Years before moffee fall down from heaven, even before they, the undead, woke up from the ice, the elements were ruled by powerful creatures called Colossus. With the passing of eras, Corruption did crazy Drauv, Holy Colossus, bending it badly. Drauv by deception convinced his brothers that the world must be purified through the destruction. For years the world was shocked by the elements, until a young ogress, called Wharr, of the order of the Valkyries screaming, challenged the seven giants.
Will She success in the task where many armies were defeated?
Fulfill her destiny to become the Queen of Bonemaul Orc?
Life and death is in your hands!

Tips and Tricks:
How to play? Simple! Move your device to the left and right to guide Wharr, the Valkyrie, and make she land on the platforms in order to prepare she for the next jump.

In the session "WorldMap" choose among the giants, what you want to challenge and fight it in the battlefield!.

Defeat the colossus and gain coin!!!

Buy PowerUp to Shop Skills, and guide the destiny of Wharr to the throne of Bonemaul!!!

Download for free.


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