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Monday, March 7, 2011

Verizon iPhone Flashed to Work on Cricket Wireless

Every iOS device can be hacked, so we weren’t surprised to hear that iPhone 4 is flashed on CricKet carrier. Wait! Did I mentioned, CDMA iPhone 4 available exclusively on Verizon?

Some guys over CricKet, were able to install some third party MMS software after jailbreaking it. The iOS device was able to fully flash on CriKet carrier. At least the video suggests so!
Yes, it is real! JB and install second party mms software, fully flashed to cricket or metro! Just watch plugging into itunes, there are other programs that replace itunes as well! Cricket store in my area can do it, but they are charging 125 for full flash, ill keep the evo for now!
Few days back some employees at China Telecom hacked CDMA iPhone 4 to work on their network. If you want the same treatment to be given for your Verizon iPhone 4, head over here.


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