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Monday, March 7, 2011

RJ-45 Connector For iDevices

With yesterday's iPad 2 announcement fresh in the mind, you can excuse the fervent nature of some companies on the periphery to jump on the band wagon before it grinds to a halt. And, in some cases, we might even get a few interesting oddities poke their heads out.

This is one of those things; a Cisco Console cable for the iPad 2 (and, if we're being honest, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch).
iPad 2 Console Cable (C2-RJ45) - not Ethernet... Yet
The Redpark Console Cable (C2-RJ45) allows a field engineer to perform router maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery operations via a Cisco console port using their iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. It requires the installation of the Get Console app (£5.99 on iTunes) to work, and is incompatible with any other application at present. Handy for Cisco router engineers, then. As much use as a chocolate teapot to the rest of us.
However, the reason why an entertainment technology website such as Pocket-lint is interested in such a seemingly un-entertaining thing, is that it shows that there's a possibility to create a full Ethernet cable - with a bit of rewiring and extra thought - thereby allowing an iPad (or iPad 2) to hook up to a network, with faster speeds than Wi-Fi, and wouldn't that be useful and exciting?
The C2-RJ45 Console Cable costs 67.50 euros (£57.50), with a 15 euro (£12.77) delivery fee to the UK, and is available now.


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