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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Peel Fruit turns your iPhone into a universal remote

A new TV Guide application has arrived in the iTunes app store called Peel and when used with a bright yellow IR dongle called Peel Fruit, they combine to create a unique universal remote system.

The Peel Fruit links to your to your router via a ZigBee connection to an ethernet dongle to allow you to then control your AV systems. The unique Peel Fruit device has been created and designed by the creator of the Jawbone Bluetooth headset ,Yves Behar.
peel fruit
Once everything is setup the Peel iPhone application will stat to learn what shows you enjoy watching and then begin to recommend similar alternatives, similar to Apples Genius system and the Peel Fruit can run for nine months on a single battery.
Currently the system only works in the US at the moment but if you fancy giving it a go or even using the application just to suggest a few TV show as a guide you can download it for free from the iTunesStore.


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