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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Keypad Transparency Makes Your LockScreen Keypad Transparent [Cydia Tweek]

If you are looking for the latest tweak for your jailbroken iPhone, check this out. This new Cydia tweak is called ‘Keypad Transparency’, and I’ll give you 3 guesses what it does. Give up? It gives you complete control over the opacity of your lock screen keypad.

The default opacity is set at 40%, which is what it is in the screen shot above. But the nice little feature about this app is, it allows you to customize it from up to 100% and down. Just how light can it get?
KeyPad Transparency lets you dial down the opacity of your lock screen keypad to 2%, and I don’t recommend it. Figuring out where the numbers are is a little more difficult than it would seem. I’m just glad I didn’t have the ‘erase after 10 failed password attempts’ feature on.

But I like the lighter keypad, my transparency level is about 40% and that’s good enough for me. Those concerned with bugs and excessive battery drain need not worry, I’ve found no evidence of either in my usage.

This app is available for download now in Cydia. Just go to the ‘search’ tab, located in the bottom right, and type in ‘Keypad Transparency’. Once downloaded, head on over to your ‘’, and you should be able to adjust things from there


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