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Thursday, March 3, 2011

"iTrivia for iPhone" Test Your Apple Trivia Knowledge

Would you consider yourself an “Apple fanboy?” Do you feel like you know just about everything there is to know about Apple? Well, now there’s a way to prove it!
iTrivia is an iPhone trivia game that tests your knowledge of all things Apple. You finally have a way to gauge how much Apple info you consume on a regular basis.
iTrivia’s official description,
“iTrivia is an informative, entertaining quiz featuring 500 challenging questions written by Apple fans for Apple fans. If you think you know all about Apple, its major players and its products – or if you want to learn more – this game is for you.
iTrivia’s multiple-choice questions cover educational and amusing facts in five categories: Hardware, Software, People, History and Miscellaneous. After each round of ten questions, you’ll get a little evaluation of your Apple savvy: will you be deemed a Caveman or a perhaps Genius Bar Genius? And you can check how your Apple Knowledge Quotient is increasing with every round. To build your knowledge, use the Review feature to brush up on questions you couldn’t answer.”

  • Over 500 challenging Apple questions
  • 5 categories: Hardware, Software, People, History and Miscellaneous
  • Review function for missed questions
  • Automatically saves your progress
  • Separate controls for music and sounds. Supports the iPod function.
  • Universal app; looks sharp on iPad, iPhone 4 and earlier iPhones
Being someone that spends way too much time reading and consuming everything Apple-related, I saw iTrivia as a challenge. The game is divided into five rounds of questions, and I was surprised at how many gems were tucked away in the game’s arsenal of questions.

A great feature in iTrivia is the ability to review questions like you would practice for a test. Hopefully, if you practice enough, you’ll be able to score a 10/10 on a category. If so, your ego will be satisfied with the incredible amount of Apple knowledge you can now gloat about to your girlfriend. (That actually may not be a good idea.)

iTrivia is a great time waster that will also teach you things about your favorite tech company. The app feels like a classic game show experience, except it’s all about Apple. A geek’s dream come true.

iTrivia is available for $0.99 in the App Store.


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