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Monday, March 7, 2011

[Download NOW] HTC YouTube App for Windows Phone 7 Hacked For Use On Other Handsets

While not the first OEM application to be ripped from its original hardware companion, HTC’s YouTube app is one that’s long been coveted. Now, thanks to XDA member Tom Hounsell, the app is available to anyone who wants it.

Available for download here, Hounsell made the announcement in a tweet today while adding ‘Seems HTC did the kind thing and removed all the breaking code from the old version’. Whether the intent was to make the app available to everyone or not, we’re not entirely sure although with the end result being the same, we’re not sure we care!

WPCentral installed the app on their LG Quantum with no issues and there is no doubt HTC’s app is one of the best implementations of YouTube around for Windows Phone 7.

You will of course first need to unlock your phone with ChevronWP7.


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