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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comex has already jailbroken iPad 2

iPad 2 is finally jailbroken on firmware iOS 4.3. iOS hacker Comex has posted a teaser image of White iPad 2 model running Cydia. Comex’s earlier confirmed that his best kernel bug was closed in OS 4.3 firmware update, but his perseverance to find another userland exploit led him to jailbreak iPad 2.

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Every iOS device can be jailbroken, so we weren’t surprised to hear that iPad 2 got its own taste of freedom. Apple earlier closed both limera1n and SHAtter Bootrom exploits before releasing iPad 2.
Due to ASLR feature available in iOS 4.3, mobilesubstrate may not work properly on jailbroken iPad 2. Tweaks like winterboard, bitesms, folder enhancer, Five Icon Dock and many more may not work.
comex has posted a small teaser video showing Reloading Data in Cydia 1.1.


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