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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Apple to open first Middle East Store in Dubai on March 16th

According to Stuff Middle EastApple is the final stages of opening an Apple Store in cash-drenched Dubai.  The Store – whether it is officially an ‘Apple Store’ or not, the distinction is dubious– will be a store within a store of Richard Branson’s Virgin Megastore.  It will be staffed by Apple geniuses/employees, however and will retain the Apple Store “look and feel”.

The store, in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates, will be 100 per cent Apple, we’re told, complete with Apple staff and know-it-all Geniuses. It’s a real boon for Apple-lovers in the UAE, who in the past have had to deal with extra-long waits for Cupertino’s latest toys or suffer the hugely-inflated prices on the grey market. Bad news for other manufacturers though, who have no doubt capitalized on Apple’s lackluster presence in the region.

[UPDATE - The Virgin Megastore will be celebrating by giving away vouchers to would-be iMac and MacBook buyers]


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