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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apple Event Live Blog, March 2nd, 10am PT, 1PM ET!

 Apple is set to announce their latest-generation tablet computer today. We don't know exactly what to expect, but we can be sure that Apple will announce the official iPad 2 launch date as well as FaceTime for iPad and a look at iOS 4.3.

Apple is also rolling out their small business-oriented service called JointVenture. We don't know if it will get a small mention during the conference, but it's worth a thought being that Apple the service is launching this week.
As always, one of us will be around to cover the happenings of the event and chat with readers while the other is answering questions. Keep in mind that Apple will likely post a link to the video stream of the event, and you can always watch it there if you have a Mac or an iOS device. However, we always have fun with live blogs, and they give readers a place to chat with others about what's going on as it happens. It's also nice for those who are stuck at work and can't watch the event broadcast.
We typically start about 30 minutes before Apple is scheduled to go on, so you can feel free to join us then. Invite your friends, tell them to invite their friends and so on.

Thanks and much Credits to iSmashphone


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