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Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Reboot Required". Desktop installer apps warn us, so why not Cydia?

For those of you running a tethered jailbreak, how many times have you installed a package while away from home only to find out a reboot i
s required? All of a sudden you’re left with a device with zero functionality that just drains the battery until you get home.
While we wait for Cydia to get some great new features that may bring transparency and uniformity, here’s a simple idea that would solve this annoyance…
All we would need is a simple field added to Cydia pages: Reboot Required. Desktop installer apps warn us if restarting the computer is required after installation, so why not Cydia?
Simply put, all the developer would have to do is add a section near the top, perhaps above the Compatibility field that says “Install Type” followed by Simple, Respring Required, or Reboot Required. I did a little HTML editing to BiteSMS’s Cydia page to show you what it would look like in the image at the top of this post.
For now, we must wait until the installation completes until we know what the installer requires.
What do you think? How many times could this have saved you some frustration?


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