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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Download Camera Mic for iPhone

Camera Mic app for iPhone lets you to take pictures using your microphone. Camera Mic snaps a picture any time you tap the microphone — or possibly even when it hears a loud noise nearby, which of course could lead to a full library of forgettable photos to sort through.

The Camera Mic App offers the ability to take pictures using the iPhone or iPod Touch 4G’s microphone. The mic from the headset that comes standard with most devices can also be used to operate the camera. Located behind the volume and play buttons of the headset, the circular mic has some tangibility and texture to it allowing a user to “feel” and tap it like a physical button. Similarly, the mic on the iPhone can be touched off the frame of the device, located on the bottom-left side of the home button. Once the mic is touched, the app detects the resulting audio level spike and triggers the camera to take a picture. The sensitivity of the audio levels which activate the camera can be adjusted, allowing users to optimize the app for different environments and scenarios.
* Operate the camera with sounds or any physical touch on the iPhone or iPod Touch 4G mic.
* Use the headset mic to take self portraits and pictures in a variety of different ways.
* Share photos on Facebook, Twitter, or by Email.
* Flash settings can be toggled to Off/On/Auto modes.
* Full photo library viewer.
* Quick, one-touch preview of most recent picture.
* Sensitivity meter for adjusting and testing the mic to customize ways for taking photos.

You can download Camera Mic from the App Store for $0.99.[iTunes link]


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