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Friday, December 10, 2010

Antid0te Jailbreak Too

In a TED talk held last month, Cydia creator Saurik said that only about 10% percent of iPhone users jailbreak their iPhones. One of the biggest reason why people don’t jailbreak their iPhones is because of the increased security concerns, which may effect their private and confidential data stored on the device.
While jailbreakers are encouraged to change their default root password, it still doesn’t make the jailbroken iOS devices secured as much as the non-jailbroken ones because of all the security protections that Apple has put in the place.

But now, a hacker named Stefan Esser has found a new method which promises to jailbreak iOS devices with all the enhanced security mechanisms in place so that the jailbroken iOS devices are secured as much, or even more than the non-jailbroken ones. This new method uses ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) which has been absent from all the current iOS devices, making them vulnerable to attacks such as the ones demonstrated at Pwn2Own contest.
Stefan plans to unveil a new jailbreak tool called Antid0te which will automatically jailbreak and fortify iOS devices with ASLR.
This enables users with jailbroken iPhones to create their own set of dyld_shared_cache files that have completely different library load addresses from every other iPhone in the world,” Esser wrote in an email. “This is already a better ASLR than what exists on Snow Leopard because different applications can use different shared caches and therefore different load addresses.


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