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Friday, November 26, 2010

iPhoneDelivery 0.3.8 "NEW"

Repo :
Version :
Autor : fguilleme/Advin
Compability : OS x3,iOS 4x
Price :free

Update : Version 0.3.8 released ![Credits to Sofinx for link and info]

*Reload Prefrances on MobileSMS resume from background.
*Revert to previous language handling. Languages like Chinese were not handled appropriatly anymore.
*Removed the GriP code. Allthough Grip was not Working Properly, due to not implemented-anymore by apple, it was sometimes installed thus causing SpringBoard to crash upon report Reception.

Download 0.3.8 : Official

iPhoneDelivery is an hack from fguilleme and Advin.
This tweak will permit you to enable delivery reports on your iPhone.

iPhoneDelivery 0.1.3
iPhoneDelivery 0.1.3


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