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Monday, October 18, 2010

*Cracked* MyWi 4.8.3

Update 6 : Version 4.8.3 released ! Patch is out !! [credits to

 1. DELETE ANY previous version of MyWi

2. Install regular mywi from cydia 4.8.3 (not the crack or .deb file)


4. Open mywi to make sure it opens. It will probably say your trial expired and that you need to purchase. Ignore and close it

5. Open ifile or ssh into phone and go to var/stash/applications/

6. Look for MyWiApp open it with text viewer and delete everything in it and paste this

Path=$(dirname "$0")
ddd=$(exec "date" "+%Y-%m-%d %T")
x=exec "date" "-s 2010-09-14"
{ sleep 3; exec "date" "-s $ddd"; } &
exec "${Path}"/MyWiApp_

Change the date to the day you installed mywi or around the day you installed it. Sometimes it takes a little trial and error to find the right date.

7. Open MyWi if you get the exit/reboot prompt, hit exit right away. then open MyWi again and hit exit right away again. Open MyWi a third time and hit Reboot. Once your phone reboots open MyWi and it should say trial expires in X days. (mine says 6 others says 3, all depends on what date works for you.)

8. Enjoy

If sometimes later you get the MyWi Not Initialized! message. (as shown above)

The easiest solution is here (do these steps in quick succession)

1. open miwi 1st time
2. when it asked to exit or reboot, click on exit 1st time
3. open mywi 2nd time
4. when it asked to exit or reboot, click on exit 2nd time
5. open mywi 3rd time
6. when it asked to exit or reboot, click on reboot 

Once you have rebooted, now open mywi, and it should work.

Everytime you run into this problem, just repeat the steps above and it should work everytime 


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